Sig: Wellness Studio is dedicated to a holistic and collaborative approach to mental health and personal wellness.  Dr. Good is now accepting referrals from therapists, primary care providers, and psychiatric colleagues for collaborative care.  Collaborative care is ideal if your patient is “on the fence” about psychiatric medication or you support supplement trials but are not sure what to recommend.  As Dr. Good doesn’t have to address all aspects of the patient’s psychiatric care, she can offer more detailed coaching around lifestyle change. Dr. Good will work with your patient to reinforce compliance and communicate with your office to reduce polypharmacy where possible.  Given Dr. Good’s expertise in ADHD and child psychiatry, she will consider referral of minors for one-time second opinion consultations (if the referral is initiated by the prescriber). Dr. Good has successfully collaborated with primary care offices re: identification and treatment of PANS/PANDAS.

Please fax patient demographics, initial evaluation, most recent progress note, med log and any pertinent labs to 814-682-3881.  Therapists may forward a written treatment summary. Please note that active suicidal ideation or psychotic symptoms are considered contraindications to wellness coaching and require a higher level of psychiatric care. 

Dr. Good cannot accept patients with Medicaid or Medicare at this time due to program rules.



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