What is a Wellness Studio?

The mission of Sig: Wellness, LLC is to provide every client with an opportunity to meet with an experienced mental health provider who maintains an open mind to the benefits of complementary therapies.  The studio setting promotes stress reduction while reinforcing that self-care requires practice, just like other fine arts.  The space welcomes like-minded practitioners (yoga, nutrition, acupuncture) to co-locate services to create a community that supports emotional well-being. While they may share office space with Dr. Good, each provider is responsible for the care they provide and operate as separate businesses.

Does Dr. Good provide prescriptions?

Dr. Good provides psychiatric, nutritional, and lifestyle advice backed by medical research. Her focus is assessment and consultation rather than ongoing medication management, so although she may discuss traditional psychiatric medications, she does not provide prescriptions. All patients are advised to have a general practitioner (primary care provider) and often psychiatrist outside of the services that Dr. Good provides to have access to conventional medicine for both acute and chronic diseases. Any nutraceuticals or herbs, a.k.a supplements are recommended in good faith; the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate these agents and the patient must be willing to assume the risks. Dr. Good has taken time to research high quality suppliers for the supplements and ayurvedic herbs that she recommends, but you may purchase products from any source you wish. Supplements are one means to improve general health and wellbeing and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Does the office accept insurance?

The office is “direct pay” and does not participate with insurance—patients are responsible for the full fee on the day of service. Please contact your insurance company directly to better understand any “out-of-network” mental health benefits. Deductibles and co-insurance vary, but many patients can submit their own invoices for reimbursement. Please note that Dr. Good cannot guarantee payment and follow-up appointments for lifestyle coaching are generally not covered by commercial insurance. Dr. Good cannot accept patients with Medicaid at this time due to program rules.

The cost of an initial assessment will vary depending on complexity and whether or not you desire an ayurvedic assessment or ADHD testing. Dr. Good will discuss fees with you during the telephone screening but the main reason for the screening is to make sure that your needs are a good fit for her unique practice.

How much does a visit cost?

A typical psychiatric evaluation is $235 for a 50 min appointment. This rate is competitive with the cash rate of local practices, which is generally 10-20% lower than what these offices would charge your insurance under their contract. This means that if you don’t think you’ll meet your deductible for the year, you could actually be responsible for more out-of-pocket cost if you see a network provider for your mental health appointment.

Psychiatric care is often a qualified medical expense for a flex spending account (FSA). If you have a diagnosable medical condition that would benefit from Ayurveda or other holistic care, Dr. Good is also willing to complete the medical necessity forms required by your FSA. A completed form does not guarantee reimbursement of the $75 follow-up fee for integrative services.

There are no hidden fees—you will receive electronic copies of your evaluation and any follow-up appointments free of charge, often on the day of your appointment.

What is involved in an ayurvedic assessment?

A traditional ayurvedic assessment includes a pulse assessment and questionnaires regarding your digestion, general health (state of ama), and body constitution (dosha). Dr. Good will examine your appearance and tongue to help identify imbalances and also discuss your sleep. At the end of the assessment, Dr. Good will work with you to develop a personalized wellness routine and dietary recommendations to restore balance. Lifestyle changes are best achieved over time and follow-up sessions would be indicated for patients that need further direction on detoxification, use of herbs, and meditation. Self-care becomes a gratitude practice that brings joy and deepens satisfaction in life!

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not required but are strongly recommended as Sig: Wellness, LLC follows a collaborative care model. This is described in more detail in the REFERRALS tab of the website. Please encourage your provider to share information with Dr. Good ahead of your visit by contacting them directly and signing a release of information (ROI).

What is paperless intake?

After your telephone screening, Dr. Good will forward patient registration documents and policy forms to you for review via a secure patient portal. Documents are signed electronically, and when completed, your permissions will be updated so that you can book your own appointments. Time and trees will be saved!

Do you offer telehealth appointments?

Face-to-Face evaluations are best but secure video conferencing for follow-up coaching may be appropriate and more convenient. Your location must still be within Pennsylvania as Dr. Good follows all state licensing requirements.

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