Deaf Dog Tiny Kitch

Apple Nachos with Dairy Free Mini Chips

Meet Flip—He will be joining this overweight psychiatrist in the kitchen for adventures in healthier cooking. I must admit, I haven’t been particularly inspired to cook lately.....

#1: My kitchen is super small, not the kitchen I envisioned in my doctor house—you know, the house you dream about in medical school when you finally finish training and magically pay off your student loans with lottery winnings. In my imaginary doctor house I could unload the dishwasher AND check on something in the oven at the same time.

 #2: I constantly trip over my deaf dog, it’s truly a comedy show. Flip was born all white so the nerves in his ears didn’t develop properly. We adopted him (and his brother Abbott) from Centre County PAWS. Flip can’t hear us but knows immediately when anyone is in the kitchen. If he’s tired, he will sleep in front of the fridge to ensure he doesn’t miss a snackortunity.

Don’t let his body habitus fool you, we are quite careful with Flip’s diet. We almost lost him six years ago after a bout of pancreatitis and Dr. Koshko at Metzger’s Animal Hospital recently operated again to remove a large tumor from his side. After surgery, our dog looked like a stuffed animal that split in half, but he immediately resumed his post as assistant chef, closely inspecting the baby carrots.

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Candace Good, MD Dr. Good is the founder of Sig: Wellness, LLC, an integrative psychiatry practice in State College, PA. Her office includes a mind-body studio to encourage yoga, meditation, and other healing arts for stress management. The space serves as an incubator for other female wellness practitioners to grow their presence in the community. Dr. Good welcomes freelance writing and editing projects relevant to her specialty.

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